In choosing a secondary school for your daughter, we know that you are seeking a place where she will be happy, where her fellow students are friendly and dedicated and where she will receive the widest range of opportunities and the best possible education.

The staff at St Aloysius College work extremely hard in ensuring that this is the very environment that characterizes our college.


As a smaller school, our size has many advantages for students, particularly the way in which each girl is known and valued, and our one campus advantage means our youngest to oldest students learn in one central community.

There is, therefore, no typical ‘St Aloysius girl’. We celebrate our diversity, we accept all and we thrive on the fusion of cultures and backgrounds that enable our girls to flourish. The School is the thread that connects these vibrant, committed and thoughtful young women. We offer an environment to enable any girl, who is willing to become an active part of the St Aloysius community, to shine. We build strong relationships with our families even before the girls join St Aloysius, thus easing the transition into the next stage of their education for both parents and their daughters.