Years 7 to 9

During Years 7 to 9, your daughter will be provided with both the academic rigor of the core subjects and the stimulating interests of a number of elective choices.

These formative years at St Aloysius are characterised by the provision of a unique learning environment where academic, co-curricular and pastoral care programs are interwoven, ensuring that your daughter’s development as a confident and enthusiastic learner is encouraged and nurtured. Classroom activities are designed to inspire your daughter’s learning in this transitional phase of education, where she moves from childhood through to young adulthood.

Our curriculum is therefore structured to ensure that your daughter is a valued member of a core class and classroom, travelling only for specialist subjects where rooms require specialist resources such as for Art, Music, Design, Technology and Physical Education. This ensures that both a maximum amount of time is spent on learning but also ensures that your daughter’s classroom becomes her own space.

In partnership with our contemporary curriculum, these years offer your daughter an exciting and wide array of leadership, outdoor education and co-curricular opportunities which enhance what is already an exceptional learning journey.