Co-curricular Activities

At St Aloysius we recognise the very important role that social, cultural and physical-wellbeing plays in the learning and the personal growth and development experienced by your daughter during her six years at the College.

Whether for fun, fitness or the thrill of competition, our co-curricular program offers your daughter lots of choices. She will have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of sporting activities, competing in both in-school and external competitions.

Our drama and music programs are widely recognised. Your daughter can undertake numerous jobs in the College production, from set design to starring roles, or she can be part of the very successful debating or social justice teams.

In addition, there are a myriad of social and cultural offerings, with bi-annual trips overseas and international school partnerships with Sister Schools in Japan and Italy providing your daughter with a greater global perspective – literally putting theory into practice. If your daughter is interested in debating, choir and giving speeches then she can be a part of our successful team which each year competes in the Frayne Festival against all other Victorian Mercy Colleges.

We strongly encourage your daughter to be highly committed to her chosen co-curricular activity. We look forward to seeing your daughter playing her active role in the co-curricular life of St Aloysius College.