Lego, watches, ladders and golden chains.... Reach for all

Our College theme for 2018 is just one word, ‘Reach’. Some may say that it’s a simplistic theme and to them I say yes! The Brazilian writer, Paulo Coelho, once said that it was the most simple things in life which were the most extraordinary, and I am a firm believer that he was right. Over the recent break I began to reflect upon the meaning of the theme and realised that the reason it was so immediately powerful was because at St Aloysius College we are constantly challenged to reach ever higher and reach ever further; our motto, Strive for Higher Things, compels us to reach for new heights in understanding and in spirituality, whilst our College values compel us to reach out to others, to the disadvantaged and to the lonely. Easter time in so many ways embodies that notion of ‘reach’; a time when we reach out to Christ, reaching back to that first Easter Sunday. Easter is a time when we reach out to family and friends and a time when we reach out to community, to make each stronger, higher and renewed.


As I thought about this blog, about reach, and about Easter, my attention quickly turned to Easter eggs, and this thought crossed my mind: if I could give every single person in our community an Easter egg, what would I hope each would find inside?


So imagine it is Easter Sunday, and every student, parent and staff member is breaking open an Easter egg.... here’s my wish:


To every student, I wish they would find a box of lego (over 500 Easter eggs required!)

And why? Simply because I wish to reach out to their creativity, to their ability to re-vision the world, to create it anew. Students with lego can give shape to their thoughts in many, many ways and can stop and start as they please; failure is simply part of the learning journey. Lego also helps us to remember that play is fun and doesn’t always require an iPad or a Smartphone!


To every parent, I wish when breaking open the chocolate egg they will find a watch, but a watch that is slow or stopped (over a thousand needed!)

Now I know that a broken watch doesn’t sound an ideal gift, but I would wish it simply because I want to reach out to every parent to remind them that they need to lose track of time and just relax with their children, rather than running everything on a timetable. These years are far too precious not to spend quality time together.


To every teacher, I wish that their egg is so big that inside they would find a ladder (I’ll need 50 large eggs!)

I think we need to reach out to teachers to show them what a difference they truly make - the ladder will allow them to see above the administration, the meetings and the marking, and reveal to them the influence they are spreading. I would ask them to leave the ladder in the classroom, so at key moments they can reach for it, climb it, and behold their reach and its positive effect.


To every ancillary staff member, I wish a chocolate egg that contains a gold chain (a dozen are on order!)

Our ancillary staff are simply golden, and they are literally the chain that glues us together. They reach out every day and we are so fortunate to have them; their golden chains will serve as reminders to all that we need to reach out to them too.


And so, ‘Reach’ may be a simplistic theme but it is true that the simple things are the most extraordinary, and there’s no time more extraordinary than Easter. Let’s hope we find in our chocolate eggs the simplest of things, and therefore the most extraordinary of things.



Mary Farah,