Space Exploration at St Aloysius begins!

4 August 2017 | 2016_News

The time is upon us, in the next 10 days St Aloysius College will officially blast off into space! For the past 4 months a team of students have been preparing to launch St Aloysius College to the International Space Station (ISS) to conduct experiments measuring the Earth’s magnetic field. Over the last week the team have completed their computer code which will run on a SAGAN space Lab on-board the ISS and gather data measuring the strength and direction of the Earth’s Magnetic Field in space. This data can then be compared to data gathered on Earth and by comparing readings on the ISS with those on Earth, can we see how the Earth’s magnetic field protects us from solar storms?

The girls have worked tremendously hard to complete the code and had to give up most of their lunchtimes to ensure that their experiment was completed in time but for now we all have nervous wait as we hand the Code over to NASA and await the launch.

The Launch is scheduled to take place on the 14th August on the Space X rocket. More details of the launch including a live link will follow closer to the date.