Mission to Mars

22 March 2018 | 2016_News

‘Mission to Mars was an experience I will never forget"

Over the course of the day, we worked on ‘Mars’, in mission control and then in the lab. When on Mars, we all had different roles that we needed to complete, with all of them having a particular task. I was a geologist so my main role was to sample different rocks. In mission control, we all had an astronaut that we were assigned to. We had to make sure that they did their job, but most importantly, that they were safe. We also came across some problems during the mission so we had to answer some STEM related questions to ensure our astronaut was safe.


In the lab, as a geologist, I got to test different rocks and use a machine that could determine what the rock was. It was so exciting to be able to use advanced technology. Working in mission control and as an astronaut was very different. In mission control, we felt the pressure of keeping the astronauts safe and healthy but when we were the astronauts, we had the more relaxed, hands on job.


Being able to assist in these roles made us realise how much harder the roles were than we’d expected. We had to work together and solve problems as well as get our jobs done. Throughout the day, we learnt about why Mars is so important to humans and why we care about it so much. The experience was very interesting and is something that I will always remember.’  


Ava - Year 9