Dante Alighieri Finals for the Poetry Recitation Competition

6 August 2018 | 2016_News

Thirteen students from Years 9-12 attended the Dante Alighieri Finals for the Poetry Recitation Competition. These girls had been awarded 99% or 100% for their poetry recitation on the 25th June. The girls were all very excited to have been chosen and determined to do their very best along with 400 other students from 63 schools. The atmosphere was tense and the competition strong. Each girl this time had to recite their poem in front of two judges. Seven girls made it through to the final elimination round.

We are pleased to announce St Aloysius’ very impressive results. Four girls have been awarded best in Victoria. Three of our students won FIRST PLACE and one student received a SECOND PLACE.

Congratulations to the following students who were awarded FIRST PLACE in the following categories:


Ruby Cleve : Year 9 Italian Australian
Gabrielle Dempsey: Year 9 Non-Italian
Angela Maiolo: Year 12 Italian Australian
Heidi Benkhauser: Second Place for Year 12 Non-Italian

We are very proud of all the students who participated in the competition.

A truly impressive result for the girls and St Aloysius!

Rita Stangherlin

Italian Teacher