Melbourne Magistrates’ Court

10 September 2018 | 2016_News

The Units 1 - 4 Legal Studies students attended the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court to observe, note and evaluate the effectiveness of the day to day running of our justice system. The students observed a range of cases, and were able to see first-hand the processes and procedures of the courts in their role of resolving criminal and civil disputes.


Student Reflections:

  • I was surprised that a Magistrate could tell a lawyer ‘That’s not fair’ in defence of a witness. 
  • There were a lot of bail applications. 
  • I was surprised about how many women worked in the legal system as lawyers, clerks and magistrates. 
  • It was really useful to see the theory we have learnt put into practice in an actual courtroom. For instance, the terminology. 
  • I was surprised about how many people break the law over and over again. 
  • You would think people would learn from their mistakes. 
  • It was like a movie. 
  • I came to better understand the intriguing inner workings of the court. Though the legal language used in the cases was complex, I was amazed by the significant amount I could understand from my studies at school. This is definitely an excursion I would recommend to those who are considering studying Legal Studies in the future.