Year 10 Reflection day – “A journey to recovery”

8 November 2018 | 2016_News

The Year 10 Reflection day recenly took place at the College. Guest speaker and advocate for “Belong better lives – Summer Foundation” came to present to our cohort.  Michelle had a very special story to share, a story of hope against adversity, about the importance of making goals, never giving up and always having faith in one’s family friends and God.


The students sat mesmerised as they heard her story. At the age of 19 Michelle was admitted into a nursing home after sustaining a catastrophic brain injury due to an asthma attack. After two years of living in hospitals and a nursing home, Michelle returned home to live with her parents. It has been 16 years since her injury, her story was one of courage, defying the odds and never giving up. As one of our students Alarna remarked “she has been living with this injury for the length of my life”.


Michelle introduced us to the social justice issue of young people living in nursing homes, the Summer Foundation are conducting research providing an evidence base for policy change and developing integrated housing demonstration projects in order to increase the range and number of supported accommodation options for young people with a brain injury or injury that requires long term care.


In the afternoon, we were fortunate enough to have the women from “Mercy Links” come and speak with us about their work. The Mercy Links team work closely with the Mercy Sisters to promote the mercy values and bring the lessons of Catherine McAuley to the streets of Melbourne. The girls were called to visit their own SMART goals and re-evaluate how they are progressing with them.


Students had the chance to move away from the demands of the everyday curriculum and spend some time thinking about others and their place within the Mercy circle. This day came to an end with a beautiful liturgy, students were given time to pray for the social justice issues that they had just learnt about and had time to be grateful for their many blessings.