Big Data Challenge

26 February 2019 | 2019_News

On Friday February 22nd, five students from the Unit 3 Mathematical Methods class were selected to attend the Big Data Challenge held at Monash University, Clayton.  Nicole Cheong, Keiko Mina, Linda Nguyen, Rita Tran, and Esther Zhao were offered the opportunity to work on a data science project, based on Actuarial Science, Business Analytics, Data Analysis, or Applied Mathematics.  Our students all chose to work on Applied Mathematics, the most challenging of the projects, and each girl did an excellent job.

The Applied Mathematics workshop looked at operations research of “the science of better”.  Their project involved working as a team to complete four different tasks to optimise transport infrastructure in the City of Melbourne in the year 2050.  The students worked with professionalism and open minds.  They were able to experience research work as university students, and understand the significance of data science in the future.  


Hannah Herodotus

Associate Mathematics Learning Leader