Why All-Girls’ Only Education at St Aloysius College?

When your daughter starts at St Aloysius College she joins a learning and social environment designed uniquely for girls – it’s a safe and vibrant place for your daughter to learn who she is and what she wants to be.

Even amongst girls’ schools, we are unique – many parents who have chosen St Aloysius comment upon our welcoming atmosphere and our polite and motivated students. Our students in fact are terrific ambassadors; we are extraordinarily proud of them, their enthusiasm for life and learning, their concern for others and their many achievements.

At St Aloysius, your daughter will be continuing over 125-years of tradition - a tradition of inspiring young women to achieve great things, in an environment of warmth, creativity and fun. Here, a girl occupies every role: every part in the play, every seat on the student leadership team, every position on every team. Every day, a St Aloysius girl sees other girls’ learning, growing and sharing – and she has more opportunities to do the same.

We believe girls prosper in places where students and families are known by name – to this end, our community is better described as one family consisting of 500 sisters! Studies have further revealed that girls in single gender schools, and in particular those with the size and opportunities afforded by St Aloysius College, are more likely to have:

  • Higher participation in physics and upper levels of maths courses
  • High occupational status in terms of acquiring leadership roles
  • A stronger sense of capability in maths and science courses
  • Higher achievement test scores
  • Significant differences in positive attitudes towards science and maths
  • A decrease in stereotypical views
  • More student-teacher interaction and increased focus on class work
  • More engagement during science and maths classes.
(Lee & Lockheed, 1990; Stables, 1990; Steinback & Gwitzdala 1995; Watson, Quatman & Edler, 2002; Rowe, 2003) - reproduced with permission from the Alliance of Girls' School brochure "Why a Girls' School?"

Here is also a video about choosing a girls school:

Why Choose a Girls' School Video