At St Aloysius College, with the involvement of a extensive array of programs and initiatives, wellbeing is woven through the entire curriculum.

Being a small school, the relationships among our student and staff cohort reflect a genuine understanding of and regard for the individual. Our students know and are known by their teachers, and there is a deliberate focus on developing mutual respect and trust among all members of the school community.

While St Aloysius College pursues (indeed, achieves) academic excellence, this is never at the expense of student wellbeing, nor the individual interests and goals of each student – which in a school of our size are able to be acknowledged and catered to. The College is well-equipped for the transition to co-education in from Year 7 2023, with our highly experienced staff cohort joining us from a vast spectrum of different schools – from private to government, all boys and co-educational.

Brilliance is as unique as each individual student. Among so many other areas, this may be the pursuit of academia, of community service and contribution, of physical athleticism, or of entering the Arts. It is our commitment to fostering acceptance of all that has created an inspiring environment underpinned by respect for and acknowledgement of the individual paths our students define for themselves.

Below we share some of the wellbeing initiatives employed at St Aloysius College.

College Psychologist, Eden Foster

Eden Foster, our College Psychologist has been working with St Aloysius College students for more than 6 years and in that time has proved an invaluable support to students and staff alike.

Eden provides support for students on a range of areas, including attention & motivation, study tools, family conflict, mediation and mental health.

Eden’s office is discreetly accessible to all students and is adjacent to the Wellbeing Room, which has been developed as a safe space for all College students, should they feel the need to access it.

Period 5 Mindfulness and Wellbeing Wednesdays

Each day, after lunch and before the commencement of Period 5, each class sits down for a 2-3-minute mindfulness session that provides an opportunity to reflect on the day so far and gives students a few moments to centre themselves for the final two classes of their day.

Every second Wednesday, College Psychologist Eden provides a short, 2–3-minute video that is viewed by all students during their morning pastoral (or home room) session prior to the commencement of classes. Examples of some of these videos are available here.

The topics of these videos reflect what is going on in the lives of our students at that particular time, and they are designed to acknowledge, support and, in keeping with the broader wellbeing ethos of the school, equip students with the resources and tools they will need to develop into resilient young adults.


The Nourish Program runs across all year levels and throughout the school year. The program is designed to bring all students in each year level together once a week to focus on specific themes relevant to that year level. The themes of each year level are:

  • Year 7 – Our Community
  • Year 8 – Stepping Up
  • Year 9 – Growth, Resilience and Self-Discovery
  • Year 10 – Courage and Action
  • Years 11 & 12 – Reflect, Strive and Lead

Topics studied in Nourish at varying year levels may involve learning areas such as physical health, study habits, interpersonal relationships, time management, cyber-safety, growth mindset, nutrition or conflict resolution among many others. The structure of the program is developed collaboratively by each Year Level Leader and Eden in response to the needs of that particular cohort. The program is not only a way to give students valuable, life-long skills, but it also builds the foundations of strong relationships within the cohort as students come together in a safe and accepting environment. 

Online Wellbeing Resources

Below are websites that provide mindfulness meditation practices:

Smiling Mind
Stop Breathe Think

The websites below provide mental health supports. Headspace also offer clinical supports at their various locations:

Beyond Blue

The websites below offer resources for parents and young people on various wellbeing matters:

Raising Children