Maths Pathway

Complementing the core mathematics curriculum, students in Years 7 and 8 complete their mathematics studies supported by a platform called Maths Pathway.  Maths Pathway is a personalised online textbook specifically catered to the learning strengths and opportunities of each individual student.  It diagnoses their already mastered skills and develops a set of theory and questions based on skills they require to move forward.

St Aloysius College utilises the Maths Pathway program as a bridge between the mathematics of primary school and secondary school.  It gives all students the opportunity to master any necessary skills that may have been missed or forgotten from primary school, so that they feel prepared in continuing on their secondary mathematics journey.  It also allows for students to extend themselves to achieve beyond the curriculum of their standard classroom.

The core curriculum involves rich learning activities that develop their problem-solving and critical thinking skills, supplemented by regular given one-on-one feedback and support.  Their understanding is measured in effort, accuracy, and overall growth, rather than labelling the students with a value at the end of each topic.

Students who have completed the Maths Pathway program have seen an overall increase in the growth of their numeracy skills, as well as a feeling of confidence in their ability to engage in their future mathematics pathway.

Hannah Herodotus

We are very proud to be able to achieve our goals of completing all the Maths Pathway modules. We thank our maths teachers for supporting us in both Year 7 and 8. It was thanks to them that we were able to reach our full potentials. We thought Maths Pathway was a very helpful program that allowed us to work at our own pace and be challenged beyond what Year 8 has to offer. It let us explore so many new areas of maths. We’re surprised we were able to reach this point and hope this helps us in the future as well. Honestly, we never imagined we would be able to complete all the modules since it wasn't our initial goal, but we were very happy to be able to.
Aimeely and Jasmine (Year 8)
Maths Pathway Graduates