Academic Awards

The Academic Awards are presented to the top three students based on an average of their results across the 2021 school year. In a particularly challenging year, these students demonstrated hard work and resilience, and we commend them on these exceptional achievements.

Year 7
Dux: Ruby Thomas
2nd: Johanna Wells
3rd: Sylvie Ottinger
Year 8
Dux: Carlota Ham Lopez
2nd: Kary Wu
3rd: Lila Kelly
Year 9
Dux: Molly Mealmaker
2nd: Melanie Quach
3rd: Tayla Rayner

Community Awards

The Principal’s Award
This Award is presented to one student at each year level. This award acknowledges the participation of a student in a wide range of activities and achievement of excellent results in academic, sporting, performance & service activities.
Year 7: Astha Bharadwaj
Year 8: Carlota Ham Lopez
Year 9: Tayla Rayner

The School Spirit Award
This Award is presented to one student at each year level. This award acknowledges exceptional commitment to the dimensions of the College Mission Statement: the recipients of this award demonstrate the attributes that St Aloysius College strives to instil in all students.
Year 7: Johanna Wells

Year 8: Eva Bachar
Year 9: Melanie Quach

2021 Mercy Education Award

This award is presented to one student from a Mercy School in recognition of their significant contrbution to leadership in the Mercy Tradition of Education and demonstrating the Mercy Education Values of Compassion, Justice, Respect, Hospitality, Courage and Service.
Olivia Tringali

Sport Awards

Junior MVP – Lucinda Tabart
Junior Coach’s Award – Ella Calkoen
Intermediate  MVP – Alice Hay
Intermediate Coach’s Award – Imogen Luke

Junior MVP and Coach’s Award  – Sara Gilbert
Intermediate MVP – Kayla Spirovski

Indoor Cricket
Junior MVP  – Marcy Grace Fitzgerald
Junior Coach’s Award – Grace Davies
Intermediate Coach’s Award – Abbey Luke

Junior MVP – Ella Calkoen
Junior Coach’s Award – Mya Bui Bernardo
Intermediate MVP –Imogen Luke
Intermediate Coach’s Award – Alexia Pantazis

Junior MVP – Katelyn Vien
Junior Coach’s Award – Christine Yuan
Intermediate Coach’s Award – Annika Kim

Junior MVP – Catherine Wickham
Junior Coach’s Award – Salem Tesema
Intermediate Coach’s Award – Abbey Luke

Junior  MVP – Amelie Ellerton
Junior Coach’s Award – Fadzai Bako
Intermediate MVP and Coach’s Award  – Elise Gladman

Junior Sportswoman of the Year
Mary Grace Fitzgerald

Intermediate Sportswoman of the Year
Imogen Luke


As a College we fully utilise the wealth of internal and
external results attained by our students to inform personalised learning.
NAPLAN provides valuable information as to how our students perform and
develop in literacy and numeracy, at both a State and National level. This year
is the first year NAPLAN have awarded certificates to students who have
demonstrated exceptional achievement in Reading and/or Numeracy or have
demonstrated outstanding learning growth in these domains

The new certificates celebrate those who achieve the highest
level and those who excel by making exceptional progress, irrespective of where
they start.

At our End of Year Celebration, we were proud to announce
that thirteen of our Year 9 students received these extra awards.