Life is Co-Ed and so are we from 2023...

Mary Farah, Principal

Welcome to the St Aloysius College website. Our College is one of the oldest schools in Melbourne, with our founding on this site, North Melbourne, in 1887.

The world into which our school was founded was a vastly different world to the one we now find ourselves in; women over the last century have made tremendous strides towards equality in all areas, and schools like St Aloysius, led that very charge and continue to do so with our embracing of co-education. As we enter the third decade of the twenty-first century, our College has one eye on the future whilst ensuring our values and mission; treasured and grounded in all what we do.

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Our Mission Statement clearly articulates our unique focus; based upon our Catholic faith foundation, in the tradition of the Sisters of Mercy, we leverage the college’s positive energy and supportive community to enable our students to move confidently into their futures. In order to achieve this, our high calibre of staff seek each day to provide unique, engaging and broad educational opportunities for all our students and families.

St Aloysius College is built upon the Mercy Education values of justice, compassion, hospitality, respect, service and courage. These values, alongside inclusivity and leading research in the field of education, have continued to influence our exciting 2020 decision to move towards co-education.

I am incredibly excited and proud to be the Principal of such a progressive college, and I am honoured to lead the college in this new chapter of its illustrious history; a chapter that will provide our young people with new and untold opportunities and real-world experiences. I am also excited to work in partnership with new and long-standing families and friends. It is, of course, simply impossible to paint the whole picture of life at St Aloysius College in a prospectus or a website, so I encourage you to come and experience the vitality of this community in person and witness the unrivalled opportunity it affords for your child. A St Aloysius education enriches the lives of all.

I hope to see you soon.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

St Aloysius College is a Child Safe School that acknowledges the duty of care owed to students. 

We commit to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the children and young people in our care.