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The Sport Program at St Aloysius College has been designed to create opportunities for students of all ages and abilities to participate and compete in an environment that inspires excellence. St Aloysius College is a member school of both the Association of Co-Educational Schools (ACS), and at the Senior Years, the Catholic Girls Sports Association of Victoria (CGSAV), giving students the opportunity to compete at an elite level against their peers from other Melbourne schools in a wide range of sports.

Within the co-curricular sporting program, students have access to high-level coaching, providing further opportunity for extended skills development and networking within their fields of interest.

In addition to the core Physical Education Curriculum and the College's membership of both the ACS and CGSAV as part of our Sport Program, St Aloysius College offers Rowing to all students from Years 7-12. The aim of the program is to provide an enjoyable, quality and team oriented program that builds self-esteem as well as bonds between crew members. The experienced coaching staff facilitating the rowing program provide a myriad of opportunities for the students to develop and refine their movement skills specific to rowing, in an environment that fosters both commitment and teamwork. Situated on the Maribyrong River, the students at St Aloysius are fortunate to row out of Essendon Rowing Club, who provide high quality facilities and support to the program.

Competitive Sporting Opportunities at St Aloysius College

Cross Country
Football (Soccer)
Table Tennis
ACS Weekly Sport
ACS Carnival Sport
House Sport

ACS Weekly Sport

St Aloysius is a member of the Association of Coeducation Schools (ACS). Students participate in the summer season (Terms 1 & 4) and the winter season (Terms 2 & 3) during the timetabled co-curricular block on Tuesday afternoons. Additional training sessions take place in preparation for our matches against other ACS member schools.

ACS Carnival Sport

ACS runs annual carnivals for swimming, athletics, and cross country. These carnivals run in Terms 1, 2 & 3 respectively. Students are able to train for these events in preparation for the carnival.


St Aloysius is also a member of the Catholic Girls Sports Association of Victoria (CGSAV). Students in Years 9-12 have the opportunity to participate in a range of sporting events against other member schools of the CGSAV.

House Sport

All students are assigned to a house, which allows them to embrace the house spirit at the College. Students have the opportunity to participate in a range of house sporting activities that occur during lunchtimes. Annual House Athletics & Swimming Carnivals are held throughout the year.