The College community is united by a common goal; to inspire the curiosity in our students to define and discover their own brilliance.

For each student, this brilliance is different. Among so many others, this may be the pursuit of academia, of community service and contribution, of physical athleticism, or of entering the Arts. It is our commitment to fostering acceptance of all that has created an inspiring environment underpinned by respect for and acknowledgement of the individual paths our students define for themselves.

This future focus has been the driving force in the College’s decision to embrace co-education, to truly prepare our students for their lives beyond secondary school and to enhance our already thriving community. It is this growth mindset that ensures our students leave St Aloysius College as balanced, creative and thoughtful young people who are ready to fulfil their potential as outstanding adults.

At St Aloysius College we inspire students to remain curious, for the rest of their brilliant lives.

Life is Co-Ed and
so are we.

In 2023, the College proudly took a bold step towards the future, becoming the first Catholic co-educational secondary school within the vibrant, multicultural City of Melbourne. Co-education commenced with the first intake of Year 7 boys in 2023. Subsequent years will continue to welcome boys through the Year 7 intake until St Aloysius becomes fully co-educational in 2028.

Everyone who joins St Aloysius College becomes part of an exciting journey, already over 180 years in the making.

Who would have thought that when the venerable Mother Catherine Elizabeth McAuley (1778-1841) founded a congregation of religious sisters in Dublin, Ireland in 1831 – the beginnings of the Sisters of Mercy – that their values of hospitality, passion, justice, respect, service and courage would continue to be the driving forces behind all our educational programs.

Catherine McAuley visualized the education of women as a means to effect social change and help women to discover and to achieve to their full potential – we are still very much committed to these ideals. Catherine’s philosophy of education can be read in her own words:

Our Vision
Our Mission
Our Values

Our Vision

Our Vision is to build a highly creative, student centred learning community where individual needs are met and where the inspiration to personal excellence is integral to everything we do.

We aspire to be a compassionate and just community, nourished by the teachings of Jesus Christ, sustained by the Catholic Church and inspired by the vision of Catherine McAuley and the Sisters of Mercy.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to ensure that all students become:

  • dedicated, self-directed, critical and enthusiastic life-long learners;
  • empowered and strong of character, thriving on personal responsibility;
  • personally fulfilled, knowing their own worth;
  • capable of experiencing achievement and joy in all that they do;
  • confident, creative and collaborative problem solvers who respond positively to a world of rapid change;
  • effective and empathetic communicators who are globally aware and socially and culturally active and inclusive;
  • humane and caring, always looking to reach out to those in need.

Our Values

Inspired by the charism of Catherine McAuley and the Sisters of Mercy, our Values are expressed by:

  • Living faithfully, placing God at the heart of all that we do;
  • Living with integrity, so that it lies at the heart of all we say and do;
  • Being honest, so that we are truthful to ourselves and to others;
  • Showing respect, so that we value ourselves and others, appreciating our similarities and celebrating our uniqueness;
  • Being courageous, to do what’s right no matter how challenging;
  • Taking responsibility, to be sensible, reliable and accountable;
  • Honouring the contributions of our past, so that it becomes a catalyst for embracing a bright and hope-fi lled future;
  • Creating a nurturing and welcoming environment that celebrates diversity and personal achievement;
  • Being of service to others, through our unity and solidarity with those who are marginalised or disadvantaged.
The simplest and most practical lesson I know... is to resolve to be good today, but better tomorrow.
Catherine McAuley   |   Founder of Mercy Education

Act with Mercy, Serve with Compassion

God does not look at the action, but at the spirit motivating it.
2024 College Theme   |   Catherine McAuley