St Aloysius students thrive in an environment of inspired curiosity, consideration and confidence, empowering each individual to develop their own opinions, find their own voice, and walk their own path to confidently contribute to an ever-changing world. The College curriculum is designed around service for our planet and wider community, through which students are empowered to develop and uphold the Mercy values of compassion, justice, respect, hospitality and service.

As a school, we pride ourselves on our commitment to stretching the boundaries of a conventional education. Ever-evolving, and with increasingly future-focused resources and equipment, our Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths (STEAM) program is carefully designed to increase awareness and curiosity in these important fields, and to hone cross-disciplinary understanding. Our students are confident to identify and build connections between ideas and learning areas, and empowered to apply these without limit to the expectations of the myriad different futures they define for themselves.

The College Curriculum
The Junior Years, 7-10
The Senior Years, 10-12

The Junior Years, 7-10

During Years 7 to 9, students are provided with both the academic rigor of the core subjects and the stimulating interests of a number of elective choices.

These formative years at St Aloysius are characterised by the provision of a unique learning environment where academic, co-curricular and pastoral care programs are interwoven, ensuring that your child’s development as a confident and enthusiastic learner is encouraged and nurtured.

Classroom activities are designed to inspire students’ learning in this transitional phase of education, where they move from childhood through to young adulthood.

As educators, we pride ourselves on our commitment to stretching the boundaries of conventional curriculum and placing each student at the heart of what we do.

The Senior Years, 10-12

The senior years at St Aloysius are student-centred – where small numbers of students enjoy expert teaching in preparation for entry into a range of tertiary institutions, apprenticeships and the workplace.

During these years, students are encouraged to explore their talents and interests academically, culturally and as part of the local and global community.

Upon completion of Year 10, students are able to choose a number of future study pathways dependent upon their interests, skills and talents. The majority of our students pursue the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and receive outstanding results, entering into a variety of University offerings. Other students pursue the Victorian Certificate Education Vocational Major (VCE VM).

An extensive, personalised Careers & Pathways program is delivered to all our senior students with much time and attention given to each student. This approach allows us to cater a personalised pathway program. Our VCE class offerings are broad for a school of our size meaning many classes are small in number.

The VCE VM (VCE Vocational Major) Program is suitable for students whose future pathways are not determined by the restrictions of gaining an ATAR. The VM program values collaborative projects, problem-solving, entrepreneurship and independence. Students with an interest in experiencing the workplace, leading to internships or apprenticeships are catered for in this alternate senior certificate. In addition, on the advice of our experienced Careers staff, students can include as part of VCE VM or a Vocational Education and Training (VET) component either on-site or taken in partnership with a local VET provider.

All our staff are exceptionally well qualified in their various academic fields and, more importantly, are committed to encouraging your child to achieve their personal best. Across these years, students further develop creative thinking and collaborative skills and make choices in their learning while developing a greater sense of independence. Not only will they achieve their best, but they are well-prepared for success beyond the school environment.

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God does not look at the action, but at the spirit motivating it.
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