An Integral Aspect of the College Curriculum

At St Aloysius College, with the involvement of a extensive array of programs and initiatives, wellbeing is woven through the entire curriculum.

Being a small school, the relationships among our student and staff cohort reflect a genuine understanding of and regard for the individual. Our students know and are known by their teachers, and there is a deliberate focus on developing mutual respect and trust among all members of the school community.

While St Aloysius College pursues (indeed, achieves) academic excellence, this is never at the expense of student wellbeing, nor the individual interests and goals of each student – which in a school of our size are able to be acknowledged and catered to. The College is well-equipped for its transition to co-education, with our highly experienced staff cohort joining us from a vast spectrum of different schools – from private to government, all boys and co-educational.

Brilliance is as unique as each individual student. Among so many other areas, this may be the pursuit of academia, of community service and contribution, of physical athleticism, or of entering the Arts. It is our commitment to fostering acceptance of all that has created an inspiring environment underpinned by respect for and acknowledgement of the individual paths our students define for themselves.