Careers & Pathways

Career Exploration

Career exploration is the process of researching, evaluating, and learning about modern work opportunities and how students can pursue the careers of their choice. Learning about the world of work, its changing nature, the general expectations of employers, and the demand of the workplace.

Our Careers Newsletter is sent out to all parents and students in Years 10 -12 each week. The newsletter provides all of the updated information that our senior students need to keep them informed. There is also plenty of information and ideas to help our students get valuable career information to assist them with their career decision making. Accessing the newsletter each week will provide access to all the included links to keep you up to date.

In addition to the Careers and Pathways Advisor and access to the Careers Centre, St Aloysius students may use the College's digital Careers and Pathways Hub at any time.

Year 10
Year 11
Year 12

Year 10

Future Me: Career Exploration Program

The Career Exploration Program is a school-based career education and assessment program conducted in Year 10 Future Me prior to subject selection to Years 11 and 12.

It is designed specifically to help students:

  • Discover career options and pathways
  • Make decisions and explore career options
  • Develop the necessary research skills to explore these options
  • Make realistic subject selections for Year 11 and 12 based on research.

The program provides a framework for developing career awareness and:

  • Assesses career interests and educational skills
  • Provides career education
  • Develops guided research based on career and educational profiles.

A report is developed for each student following individual Career assessments and is be explored through a series of Careers lessons within the Future Me subject. The report serves as a starting point for many questions and discussions relating to students' unique interests and pathway ideas, the College encourages families to be involved in these conversations. During Terms Two and Three, Year 10 students will continue their involvement in the College Careers Program (Future Me), leading towards their 2022 Senior Subject Selection. During this time, students along with their families are invited to an Information Evening at the College where in-depth detail of VCE, VCE VM and VET will be outlined and explained.

Year 11

I Decide

Young people decide on their best options and opportunities

In the senior years, we offer students the opportunity to more closely investigate the options available through tertiary studies or alternative pathways. The focus for year 11 students is confirming and managing their career action plan. They are still adapting their career action plan to ensure that it reflects their current personal profile, including skills, abilities, attitudes, and academic performance.

Students at this year level apply their decision-making and problem-solving skills to their post-secondary education and training or employment aspirations. Through a review of their previous career action plan developed during Year 10 Career testing, students will critically reflect on the strategies they implemented to achieve their goals, examining reasons for successes and setbacks. Students apply this knowledge to revisit and fine tune their current career action plan for further study, training, or work options. Students prepare a résumé to reflect their deeper understanding of their career learning.

In developing their career action plan students demonstrate that they are aware of a range of career resources, including those available online, and identify who may support them in achieving their goals.

Students continually update their Career Action Plan, and they are encouraged to share this with their SAS Mentor.

Year 11 students participate in a series of careers sessions in Nourish which aim to build their career knowledge as well as their capacity to make appropriate choices. The focus includes preparing for achieving their best in their final year of schooling.

Students in Year 11 are taught how to use the VTAC site and tertiary institutions’ websites to research and check their options.

Year 12


Before students can choose the right career, they learn about themselves.

Students re-examine personal characteristics and determine those that contribute positively to the achievement of their life, learning and work goals. In discovering personal values, interests, soft skills, and aptitudes, in combination with personality type, students generate a list of occupations that are a good fit. Personal development activities improve awareness of identity, develop talents and potential, and develops skills in decision-making which can be applied to career choices.

Personal development or self improvement consists of activities that develop a person's capabilities and potential, build human capital, facilitate employability, and enhance quality of life and the realization of dreams and aspirations.

Career Management

To assist with student investigations, the Careers Centre has a library of University and TAFE study options, as well as occupational and vocational information that can be accessed by students both through appointments and at student break times.

In Year 12, each student is equipped with an individually designed career plan, developed for them in conjunction with the Careers Pathways Leader. Students receive mentoring and support in the selection of tertiary courses and are provided with relevant information about scholarships and support opportunities. All students are encouraged to work closely with the Careers and Pathways Leader, who is available by appointment.