Life is Co-Ed and so are we.

In 2023, St Aloysius College proudly took a bold step towards the future, becoming the first Catholic co-education secondary School within the vibrant, multi-cultural City of Melbourne. Co-education commenced with the 2023 Year 7 intake and subsequent years will continue to welcome boys through the Year 7 intake until St Aloysius becomes fully co-educational towards the end of the decade in 2028.

This visionary move to co-education was informed by two years of research, led by Mercy Education Ltd and Catholic Education Melbourne in a plan to re-imagine Catholic education for future generations of families living in the City. The change continues the 135 year Mercy tradition of responding to local community needs, making an affordable education available to all talented young people, especially families seeking to educate their children together.

As one of thirteen Sisters of Mercy sponsored schools, St Aloysius is governed by Mercy Education Ltd which collectively educates over 12,000 girls and boys each year in the Mercy tradition. Through its Board and Executive, Mercy Education will provide resources and educational expertise to support St Aloysius College in its move to co-education.

St Aloysius College is honoured to be nominated to provide a Catholic co-education for inner city students “We aspire to be a co-educational School where young girls and boys are respectful, optimistic and inquisitive, supported to be faith filled individuals who know god’s loving kindness and share it with others.” Said St Aloysius College Principal, Mary Farah.

The transition to co-education remains faithful to the vision of Catherine McAuley, who founded the Sisters of Mercy in Dublin in 1831, inspired to foster justice, compassion, hope and hospitality in the Mercy tradition. Holding the care, safety and wellbeing of young people as a central and fundamental responsibility.

Preparedness for Co-Education

Facilities and the Masterplan
Structured to Succeed
Staff Development

Facilities and the Masterplan

St Aloysius College facilities and campuses are responsive to the needs of the cohort. The College works closely with educational leaders, architects and experts in industry to ensure our students are equipped with the very best facilities and resources.

The College is currently home to three campuses, Curran Street North Melbourne (our main Academic Campus), Boundary Road North Melbourne (our Gymnasium) and our Torquay Outdoor Education and Camps facility.

In addition to ongoing upgrades and development taking place across 2023, the College Masterplan to 2028 will see further construction and expansion of future-led, architect-designed learning spaces and facilities.

More information on St Aloysius College Campuses and Facilities is available here.

Structured to Succeed

St Aloysius College is alive to the needs of both girls and boys and the College Curriculum has been designed to ensure support structures exist for all learners.

In addition to the strong Wellbeing programs that underpin the curriculum, students are supported by Mentorship Programs, College Psychologists and a diverse and empowering Alumni network.

St Aloysius students benefit from the College's partnerships with the North Melbourne Football Club, Royal Park, the State Hockey and Netball Centre, and the Essendon Rowing Club, and from our memberships of both the Association of Co-Educational Schools and the SCSA.

Staff Development

The St Aloysius College Teaching and Leadership team is made up of a group of passionate educators with backgrounds in all-boys and co-education, as well as their current experience at St Aloysius as an all-girls school.

Staff at St Aloysius College appreciate that boys and girls learn differently, and are well prepared to ensure the classroom, co-curricular and recreation experiences of all students reflect this understanding.