I start by wishing you all luck.

And stating how privileged I am, as Principal, to address you today – and how fortunate we are to be together.

Year 12, during the last two years you have experienced the least typical of final school years. When we reflect upon 2020, particularly on the daily unknowns and daily press conference announcements, time often seemed to stop, the future was longed for but often seemed too far away.

2021 taught us to focus on the present, it taught us also that our collective efforts of hard work and good grace can bring the future we most dared to dream of.

It taught us to be caring and resilient, to be adaptable and flexible…. in fact, it taught us to action the St Aloysius and Mercy values of courage, hospitality, justice, and resilience, it taught us to strive for higher things.

The challenges though aren’t over, and 2021 keeps accelerating into the unique. To all, I encourage you to embrace the unique, for this will not be a graduating class that anyone ever forgets.

As you look back over your memories of your schooling at St Aloysius, you will remember milestones such as your first day at school, your first camp, or the first friendship you made. In some ways these events appear in our minds as a slide show, with new ones recently added: your last School Mass, your last School Assembly, your last Pastoral Group Meeting and your last ever School Lesson.

Life is such a rich tapestry – simply remember that you have the capacity to direct your own lives. Use the tools of compassion, love, respect and trust to shape your journey. Remain forever hopeful and optimistic, and recognise adversity and set-back as challenges and small obstacles in the road.

Never be afraid to seek out advice from wise others.

On your behalf, I would like to thank Sr Carmel for her prayers and ongoing care and love and thank your teachers who walked alongside all of you throughout your education at St Aloysius in ensuring that your years of secondary education were special ones. I also thank on your behalf all the ancillary staff who supported both you and your teachers.

Year 12, it only remains for me to remind you that you entered St Aloysius College to learn – but you now leave St Aloysius College to serve. If nothing else, I believe this is what you should take away – just one word – Mercy. Being of Mercy means you are compassionate, you are hospitable, you are of service, you are honest and respectful. You have reached today’s milestone fully prepared for your next opportunity, fully embedded with the values of Mercy.

You go with our fondest farewells, our wishes for you are always to strive for higher things.

St Aloysius College Principal, Mary Farah

Teaching Staff Reflections

Thanking our Teachers

We’re sure that if it wasn’t for all our teachers and their dedication towards us and our studies, we’d all still be at home curled up in our bed watching tik toks. Words cannot begin to describe how grateful we are for every single one of you.Thank you for always being there for us when we needed you, and pushing us to do our best despite the challenging circumstances. We are sure that the whole world has a whole new level of appreciation towards teachers, because we sure do. It isn’t just the teaching staff who we recognise for their hard work, everyone from Thuy to Sonny and Steve. We thank you just as much. Although we love all the teachers equally, we would like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Bloomfield. The support that you have given the prefect team throughout the year has not gone unnoticed and we are beyond grateful. We would also like to give a massive thank you to Mrs Franze, who is the reason we are here today. Your little messages each morning on teams gave us each the motivation to get up and try our best.

2021 College Co-Captains, Maggie Twyford & Bethany Pearce

The Final Days...

Our thoughts and prayers are with all students (particularly those in Year 12) who are preparing to sit their exams in highly unusual circumstances.