When selling out Opening Night for ‘Matilda’ in late July, we didn’t factor that our audience would be waiting over 4 months to see the show. Despite the lengthy lockdown restrictions, the students and staff were determined to deliver their most successful musical production before the year’s end. A quote from Catherine McAuley, “You should remember that not to advance is to go back, and reflect each day what you can do more to attract God’s love and friendship than you did the day before”.

Due to Performing Artists across the state having had their livelihood paused, the professional lighting, LED back screens and audio equipment had been sitting safely in the Hall awaiting the ‘call up’. Finally, last week was our opportunity for our very patient cast and crew to present this exciting, energetic and cheeky production.

Outstanding portrayals of the intimidating, mean Ms Trunchball, juxtaposed by Matilda, the protagonist with magical powers, intelligence, and an entrenched sense of justice. The large cast was a spectrum of school students, characters coming together, supporting each other looking to ‘revolt’. Despite final VCE exams being completed, four Year 12 students returned to play their part, sacrificing their holidays and celebrations. This was an example of the commitment and community felt by all involved.

Musical Theatre at St Aloysius College is always a serious learning opportunity, as students are mentored by professional artists and technicians. This year, the wait endured by all made students appreciate the value of each performance, demonstrated by the talented singing, dancing and entertaining acting. It was a wonderful way for our whole community to celebrate how we advanced through this semester and found greater success and friendships than anticipated.