St Aloysius College today commenced a new chapter, with the first co-educational Year 7 intake in the College's 136 year history. Becoming the first Catholic co-education secondary School within the vibrant, multi-cultural City of Melbourne, St Aloysius will continue to welcome boys through the Year 7 intake until St Aloysius becomes fully co-educational towards the end of the decade in 2028.

Reflections from College Principal, Mary Farah

For 135 years St Aloysius has been a girls’ school - it’s a tradition that has served ourselves and the community very well. This year we have started co-education, it’s a move based upon changing needs and changing times - life is certainly co-Ed and so are we.

St Aloysius has always drawn strength from difference, recognising that diverse perspectives can help answer big questions and improve an understanding of each other and our world. Moving to co-education provides an opportunity for our College to expand this view, reflecting the world in our classrooms and giving students the support to navigate the challenges of social and emotional growth while building mutual respect.

St Aloysius aims to be a place where students connect with others and the wider world while embracing differences and finding common ground.

By learning in an environment that more closely resembles the real world, students are encouraged to develop more positive interpersonal skills, becoming better prepared to collaborate and lead in the world they will inherit.

Our move to co-education presents an opportunity to build on the College’s history of success, for classrooms to cultivate an environment that is enriched by young men and women expressing their intellectual and emotional responses to topics and lessons, and laying the foundations for these young people to grow into adults who can confidently share and respectfully engage with all perspectives.

It is our great joy to see our students develop a life-long love of learning, built on curiosity, framed by an outward looking and forward-thinking approach.
Mary Farah   |   St Aloysius College Principal