Today the St Aloysius community shared in a special farewell assembly where we celebrated the extraordinary achievements so far of the Class of 2023, and inducted the 2024 St Aloysius College Student Leadership team. College principal, Mary Farah delivered the address, and we share this below.

Good morning staff, students, and the parents and friends who have joined us today.

Today's assembly is a very special occasion in the history of St Aloysius College, as we gather to celebrate the remarkable achievements of the graduating class of 2023 and bid them farewell. Their story began at St Aloysius in late January 2018 and their journey has been marked by resilience, dedication, and personal growth. They have transformed into responsible and compassionate young adults, embodying the values of our College.

Year 12s, with every farewell comes a tinge of sadness. We will miss your vibrant presence, your enthusiasm, and your contributions to our school community. We take comfort in knowing that you carry with you the spirit of St Aloysius, and you will forever be a cherished part of our extended Mercy family. Your time at St Aloysius has equipped you not only with academic excellence, but has also nurtured your character, fostering qualities such as empathy, integrity, and, very importantly, a profound sense of community. These virtues will be your guiding light as you navigate the challenges and opportunities that await you.

When we reflect upon 2023, it has taught us that our collective efforts of hard work and resilience can bring the future we most dare to dream of. Year 12s, life from this point on is filled with uncertainty, but also with promise. New opportunities, new friends, new experiences, and new challenges await you. As you step into the world, remember, that the future is yours to shape. Embrace it with confidence, curiosity, and an unwavering commitment to making a positive impact. I give you the gift of these words of wisdom: "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

Graduates of 2023, today, you take that single step towards a future filled with promise and potential. Your potential is boundless, embrace it wholeheartedly, stay true to your values, and never cease to learn and grow. Your education at St Aloysius has hopefully taught you to embrace the new, view challenges as steppingstones to new heights, and to strive for excellence. It has instilled in you the values of courage, hospitality, justice, hard work, care, and resilience.

To the 2023 prefects, thank you on behalf of our entire College community, your passion, commitment and actions have been a testament to what a St Aloysius student is. I extend thanks to our dedicated staff and your teachers, who have demonstrated talent, expertise, flexibility, and an unwavering commitment to you, supporting each of you in a true Mercy spirit. On your behalf I would like to mention one person who will be departing from St Aloysius at the end of this year, Ms Lonsdale. Through her time with us, she has exemplified exceptional commitment and dedication to our students and the growth of our College. Her contributions have been truly commendable and her legacy will continue to inspire us, and she will be missed. I also want to acknowledge Sister Carmel in her absence as she has been an integral part of your journey at St Aloysius. Her kindness and gentleness have touched many of us, and we are grateful for her prayers and her presence. I also express deep gratitude to your parents for their trust, friendship, and their partnership with the College.

To the class of 2023, I will fondly remember your humour, energy, school spirit, and incredible achievements. For those of you who are preparing for their exams, I offer my best wishes. You are now part of our alumni, so please stay in touch. I wish you well for your immediate future and for the longer term. Take that single step with confidence, curiosity, and a commitment to making a positive impact.

May God bless you in all your endeavours and may the Mercy values continue to guide you in your journey of living a life that is caring, just, and fulfilling. Strive for Higher Things

Thank you.

We wish the Class of 2023 all the best for their upcoming examinations.