Tackling the big questions


On Monday night, ten of our Year 11 Business Management students had the amazing opportunity to attend ABC’s Q+A filming as part of the live audience. Broadcast live each on ABC across the nation, this week’s episode focused on the federal budget. A panel consisting of politicians, ministers, political experts, and news commentators took questions from the live audience.

Two of our students, Eva B and Olivia M were selected to each ask a question of the panel. Just being selected is an achievement as only seven questions are asked across the program. While time unfortunately ran out for Olivia’s question, Eva delivered her question confidently and sparked a fierce debate among the panel about the management of student debt and accessibility to the housing market. Feedback from the show’s producers was excellent, with comments being made about the exceptional manners and confidence displayed by the St Aloysius students. Overall, students were thrilled to be able to participate and it also didn’t hurt to get a little face time on national television in front of almost 300k viewers!

Jordan Miller
Year 7 Leader