St Aloysius students shining


On Wednesday, 19th July. St Aloysius College was proud to take 12 student representatives to the ABC studios in Southbank where they joined students from various schools across the state in the audience in a Behind the News (BTN) and Q+A Special, posing questions about the thoughts and concerns of their generation to a panel comprising politicians and youth leaders. All students involved represented the College exceptionally well, some of them share their reflections on the evening below. We congratulate in particular Fadzai Bako and Tabitha De Los Santos, who respectively posed a question to Minister for Early Education Anne Aly, and provided feedback on their experiences of the evening. You can re-watch the show on ABC iview and catch the highlights and After Q+A on Youtube.

Madeleine Irvine
Communications Director

On Wednesday 19th I went with the school and some selected students to be part of the audience in the ABC’s Q+A audience. We were able to submit some questions on the topic of youth, education and our future which may be chosen to be discussed during the panel itself. Though my question was not chosen it was by far one of the best school experiences I have had all year, from getting to see inside the ABC studio, experiencing the production process to listening to the insightful debates and discussion, riveted by all the different arguments and buzzing to share my own opinion. The panel considered a range of topics all of which felt so relevant to my future and the future of my own generation, from AI in schools to nuclear energy to the commonwealth games. The trip back to school with the rest of the students really sealed the night with a loud and energised, rambling discussion about all the things we noticed and heated opinions on what we did or didn't agree with. What surprised me was that the experience has inspired me to learn and understand more about current politics and issues, something I would previously have not even considered.
Meera Melville
Being a part of the Q+A audience was an amazing opportunity to learn more about the things that concern us as a generation the most. It was really interesting to hear the different opinions that the panel members had, especially since they were mostly people our age. I found it very inspiring to see so many young people having such a positive influence and getting involved in the community. The show allowed everyone to have their opinions heard and questions answered, and I am very grateful to have been given the chance to be a part of it.
Molly Mealmaker
The Q+A show was an amazing experience to be a part of, it provided me with many new insights about opinions and experiences from both audience members and the panel. It was extremely motivating to see all the young leaders on the panel and how far they have come in life, due to the experiences they were presented with. It showed the true effects of what happens when you put your mind to something, that you truly have the ability to achieve anything. Being able to hear the guests' responses to questions was an inspiring night to be a part of.
Abbey Luke
Recently a few students and I got to be in the audience at the ABC show, Q+A, this was a very enlightening experience and I would definitely encourage it to possibly be a semi-regular occurrence at our school.
This was a good opportunity for all the students who were able to come because we got to test our brains on politics, education systems and nuclear fueling, and we able to be an interactive audience and clap and laugh with the panel.
This experience was a chance for us to be more courageous and come out of our comfort zone, by clapping when we feel strongly about what someone was saying, and especially for the students asking the questions, and I would strongly recommend registering your own questions to Q+A.
Tabitha De Los Santos