Spotlight On

ACS Badminton

The Year 7 ACS Badminton squad consisted of a vibrant group of 16 talented students spent the season competing in single, doubles, and mixed doubles events.

While victory might not have graced the scoreboards as frequently as desired, the students approached each game with great enthusiasm and departed the matches with smiles and high spirits, appreciating the chance to acquire and develop new skills alongside their peers.

Remarkably, even amidst their commitments to the College Musical Production rehearsals and other responsibilities, the students remained dedicated team players, contributing significantly despite missing a few games.

Notable individuals shone brightly within the team. Lexie Davy of 7B poured her heart into every match and training session, while Gregory Jenkins of 7E showcased exceptional dedication and support. Additionally, Matilda O'Mahoney of 7B, transitioning from the Netball team due to injury, exemplified true sportsmanship by competing with a cast on her arm!

Commendations are due to the entire Badminton team, alongside assistant coach Chelsea Stewart (class of ’21). Their embodiment of our Mercy Educational Values— including respect, compassion, and service—was evident not only in their interactions with each other but also in their interactions with rival schools' students and coaches throughout the season.

Michael Chesser
Director of Catholic Mission & Mercy Ethos