Spotlight On

ACS Girls Basketball

Year 7 ACS Girls Basketball has given the students an opportunity to develop their skills and form friendships. The students are dedicated to their trainings and on game day display excellent collaborative skills with their peers. Each match has taught the students to develop resilience and persevere during challenging moments. ACS Sport is a fantastic opportunity to compete against other schools.

Emma Turner
Teacher & Basketball Coach

This year for my ACS winter sport I chose Basketball, and now that I think more of it I feel super happy with my decision. In Term 2 and 3 I have learned and developed so many new skills and met so many new people that are so caring and supportive! The main skill that I have developed in the past two fun terms is teamwork. For example, always cheering from the side lines on the bench and even on court. Even if someone has made a mistake or just scored. I also enjoy playing against other schools and being very competitive. From the very start of term 2 I have been enjoying ACS basketball so much. All the training sessions and games are always so fun, and I always look forward to them. I cannot wait to continue next year. GO ST ALOYSIUS!!
Lulu B
I think ACS has been a fun and exciting programme, I have enjoyed hanging out with my friends on the bus rides, competing against other schools, and having to learn new skills in the sport. Basketball this term has been amazing! I have developed new skills such as blocking, shooting, and a strategy called 'zones'. Overall, basketball has been an amazing opportunity to have fun and showcase your talents on the court.
Chloe K
I have been really enjoying my time in ACS Basketball. The teamwork and support from my teammates make it special, and I love the excitement of the games! Through this experience, I have improved my basketball skills significantly, like accuracy in shooting and defensive strategies. Playing ACS Basketball has brought me lots of joy because even if we do not end up winning every game, the moments of effort and teamwork create an amazing sense of accomplishment!
Angela L
This year I was chosen to play basketball for my winter ACS sport. I play basketball outside of school and I really enjoyed having the opportunity to play it more. I got closer to my peers through basketball and learnt new skills in training. I improved on my shooting, communication, and dribbling. Overall, it has been a great experience and I hope to be on the team next year.
Jemima N