Spotlight On

ACS Boys Soccer

The St Aloysius Year 7 Boys Soccer Team has enjoyed a stellar season, winning all their ACS games, often by a margin of 5 goals or more each week. The team is blessed with a passionate and talented group of boys who live and breathe the sport. The Year 7 Soccer Team has a leadership team of three, who have been instrumental in guiding the coach each week. Phoenix Bowman, the 2023 Captain, has led from the midfield each week with great confidence and courage. Sebastian McDowell, a co-captain for 2023, has scored double digit goals for this season with plenty more to come. Fellow co-captain Joe Scully has been enthusiastically reinforcing standards each week at Thursday mornings, in the depths of a Melbourne winter come rain, hail or shine. The efforts from not only the captains but all the players in the squad is a testament to all the hard work and determination that they pour into their sport week in, week out. A sensational win against the Overnewton A Team 4-2, is no doubt a result that will remain entrenched in the memories of this playing group for years to come. It has been a pleasure and a great joy to coach such an enthusiastic, successful, and tight-knit group of students, who are no doubt destined for bigger and better things beyond 2023.

Stefan Odachowski
Teacher & Soccer Coach

The St Aloysius Soccer team consists of dedicated Year 7 boys that tried hard during the tryouts. Week in and week out, everyone has always put their best foot forward in training, early Thursday mornings, and on gameday every Tuesday afternoon.

What has made the St Aloysius Boys Soccer Team a united and successful group has been the hard work, dedication, communication and guiding each other on and off the pitch. For me personally, communication is the key to a successful game. As a captain of the St Aloysius Soccer Team, I can state confidently that each player has given their best and listened to the advice of Coach Mr Odachowski each week and this has been what had made the team such a success. I look forward to the continued hard work, leadership, and professional relationships we continue to make. I am excited about the growth of the team and look forward to the continued success we all will continue to have in the game we are all so passionate about. Go St Aloysius!

Phoenix Bowman, Year 7 2023 Soccer Captain