Interschool Tournament

ACS Chess

On Monday 13th May, nine students were accompanied by Mr Kong and Miss De Bono to Westbourne Grammar School to participate in the annual ACS Chess Tournament. The schools that competed in this event were Westbourne Grammar School, St Leonard’s College, Overnewton Anglican Community College, Bacchas Marsh Grammar, St Michael’s Grammar School and Loyola College.

All St Aloysius students won at least one of seven games and the best player for St Aloysius College was Noah Y, 8E, who won 4 games and had a draw out of the seven rounds. The students had a wonderful time and enjoyed developing their skills and playing under timed conditions in a formal competition. Congratulations to all students that participated in the event. Please see below their reflections from the day.

The day of the chess tournament, I played some challenging games, winning some and losing some, but it was really fun and I learned a lot.
Joseph L, 7A
I had a great time, good food and tonnes of fun playing challenging games of chess.
Emily J, 7D
It was so fun I thoroughly enjoyed playing seven chess games it was really entertaining and exciting. It was a great way to develop my skills.
Anirudh B, 7E
The chess tournament was amazing. I had so much fun, and I learnt so much. It has rekindled my old love for chess and gives me a new thirst for competition.
Finn T, 7C
On the day of the chess tournament I had so much fun. I was able to play with other students who were really strong players and it was my first time at a chess tournament.
Kevin T, 7C
I loved the experience of playing other students in the chess tournament. I was challenged and was tested on my chess skills. This is an experience I will never forget.
William DK, 7A
I loved playing chess against the other schools. It was fun meeting new people and learning about their schools.
Advik P, 7C
I really enjoyed playing chess against other people at different schools. During the chess tournament, I felt really challenged when playing against other people especially people in a higher grade.
Brooklyn T, 7A