ACS Public Speaking

On Monday, 14th August, St Aloysius College competed in the annual ACS Public Speaking competition, held at Overnewton College. The competition comprised of three categories, junior, intermediate and senior, with representatives from each of the six ACS schools. In the junior section, St Aloysius was represented by Olivia Sutherland of Year 8, who spoke on Gender Equality in AFL. Fazdai Bako of Year 9 spoke on The Power of Storytelling in the intermediate category and Tayla Rayner of Year 11 spoke on Cyber-bullying and Young People. All three of our students were superb, as were the representatives of all the schools. Notably, Fadzai was the winner of the Intermediate category on the night. The trophy, despite needing a polish, sits in the trophy cabinet near main reception. A huge congratulations to Fadzai, we look forward to a long association with this competition!

Adam Valladares
Learning Leader: English & Literacy