Year 12 Biology Excursion


This week, St Aloysius Year 12 Biology students visited AgriBio, where they were able to apply their learning from the VCE Biology study design and utilised their skills developed in class into a real laboratory utilising Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and Gel Electrophoresis.

Students were given the ability to demonstrate skills that scientists are utilising right now in the industry, with selective breeding programs, to determine how to best select for Bulls in the field to improve milk quality.

Through this excursion students were able to amplify DNA using PCR, use gel electrophoresis in sorting DNA fragments, interpret the gel runs for DNA profiling, use enzymes including polymerase to synthesis DNA and endonuclease to cut DNA, and develop techniques in correctly using pipettes.

These skills are incredibly useful for entering industry and will give our students the cutting edge when they enter university studies. I found the students excitedly immersed in the hands-on activities and eager to learn more.

Natalie Geary
Science Lab Technician

We went to AgriBio for our biology excursion. We got the chance to try experiments that cannot be performed at school like PCR and gel electrophoresis with a micropipette. We had so much fun during the program and learnt how these procedures can apply in agriculture, such as how we can identify desirable traits from cattle and breed higher quality cows.
Rachel K
On Wednesday 13th, the Unit 3&4 Biology classes travelled to Agriculture Victoria’s facility at Latrobe University, AgriBio. We experienced their ‘Get Into AgriSTEM’ program which has us doing a multitude of workshops and activities all relating to our Unit 3 Outcome 1 coursework regarding DNA manipulation. It was an excellent opportunity to see the real world applications of the content we had been learning and speak to professionals in the field. Likewise, it gave us as students a physical example to refer to in our studies and a demonstration of the complex topics we had covered in the previous lessons. The trip, activities and discussions we had were both informative and interesting and made for a very fun experience that the entire Biology class enjoyed.
Phoebe S