A magical musical

Aladdin JR

Make way for St. Aloysius College!

We hope you enjoyed the magical journey we took you on with our performance of Aladdin JR. It gave us great joy to bring this funny-sentimental-inspirational story to the St Aloysius Community. We trust that our audience discovered something, shining, shimmering, and splendid as they watched our performance of Aladdin JR and enjoyed this show as much as we enjoyed our journey to bring this to you.

Aladdin JR has been one of my favourites musicals that I’ve had the pleasure to direct. Faced with the many variables and the ongoing impact of covid, as a team we were able to overcome whatever challenge was thrown at us. Working with such an amazing creative team we had to adapt; problem solve and show resilience. Not only was this shown by staff, but our students have also shown these many qualities throughout their journey.

As such, I would like to congratulate all the wonderfully talented students involved in what they have achieved in this year’s performance of Aladdin JR. I thank all of them for their creativity, enthusiasm, energy, and time they gave so selflessly. It was gratifying watching them work so well together, all with the intent to bring you a show that they are proud of. These students are a credit to St. Aloysius College, their families and themselves.

Performed to over 1000 audience members with sell-out shows, we are so happy to have taken you on our journey so you could witness our show take flight on a magic carpet ride.

Nadia La Velle