Announcing the 2024 Prefect Team

In the world of education, student leadership plays a pivotal role in shaping the future. It serves as the cornerstone upon which tomorrow's leaders are moulded, fostering an environment of growth, innovation, and inclusivity. Student leadership is more than just having a badge or holding a title, it is about fostering a culture of participation, engagement, and accountability. At St Aloysius College our student leaders are instrumental in influencing the school experience for their peers, creating positive change, and contributing to a vibrant and harmonious school community.

From organising events and co-curricular opportunities to representing student voices in decision-making processes, our student leaders have the unique ability to instigate positive changes. Our leaders have the potential to empower their peers, inspire innovation, and champion diversity. Our student leaders serve as role models, they set the standard for responsibility, integrity, and dedication, helping to cultivate a generation of future leaders who are socially aware and civic-minded. Through their actions, they emphasise the importance of cooperation, collaboration, and problem-solving skills, which are crucial for success in both education and life.

We are thrilled to introduce the new Prefect Team who will guide us into 2024. These exceptional individuals have demonstrated unwavering commitment, passion, and dedication to the betterment of the College, and we look forward to seeing their great work as leaders in 2024. These student leaders have a challenging yet exciting journey ahead as they embark on their mission to shape the academic year of 2024. Through their dedication to the College Community and their innovative ideas they will shape a brighter future for all.

Siobhan Bloomfield
Director, Student Wellbeing and Programs

Congratulations to the following students: