10th - 17th March

Catholic Education Week

This week (10th - 17th March) is Catholic Education Week, an opportunity for all Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne to celebrate their Catholic identity, the pivotal role they play within their local community and the strength of the sector.

In recognition of Catholic Education Week, activities were organised to celebrate and embrace our Catholic teachings, traditions and heritage. Sr Carmel McCormick graciously had the chapel attached to the convent opening during lunchtime on Tuesday were students and staff participate in Catholic Meditation. On Wednesday, staff joined together in a morning tea recalling our Mercy connections and legacy as well as sharing in with some interesting facts and information about Catholic Education in Australia. Thursday saw students participate in a Kahoot! Quiz testing students knowledge and teaching them information relating to Religious Education and about our Archdiocese. On Friday, several Year 10 and Year 8 students represented the College by attending the Annual, St Patrick’s Mass at the Cathedral, East Melbourne. Here students and staff from a number of primary and secondary schools in the Archdiocese celebrated Mass together as well as being part of the large community share the same teachings and traditions relating to the Catholic Faith and the Religious Education community.

Following the mass, the students joined other secondary school students in a colloquium aligning with the theme for this year’s Catholic Education Week, ‘In the light of Christ’, drawn from the Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools strategic plan, MACS 2030: Forming Lives to Enrich the World. Christ is our inspiration, the very life of our purpose as Catholic educators. Everything we do is illuminated by this.

Celebrating who we are and promoting an education centred on the person and teachings of Jesus Christ, is not only a focus during this time but what underpins all that we do within our school and our wider community.

Michael Chesser
Director, Catholic Mission and Mercy Ethos

Celebrating St Patrick’s day at the cathedral with other schools apart of the Melbourne Archdiocese was a special experience. We got a chance to hear from speakers who shared their journeys with faith, and got to recognise our place in the Christian community. Their different speeches were all inspiring and informative of the struggles that we may face down the path of faith. Through hearing from youth members, we were really about to relate and truly connect on a deeper level. We had the opportunity to feel connected to other schools in the Melbourne Catholic community to come together in celebration of Catholic Education.
Astha, Tanecia, Stevie, Athiei, and Maisha, Year 10
It was an honour to be able to represent our school at St Patrick’s Cathedral. It was an even greater honour to carry our school banner through the cathedral. The speeches we heard were truly inspiring and beautiful. The speeches spoke about students journey in faith, and how many of them struggled with their faith but always returned.
Mischa, Year 10