Remembrance Day Acknowledgement

Catholic Mission and Mercy Ethos

War brings about the destruction of countries and lives. Families, friends and loved ones have been separated, injured and killed because ofwWar. It has also created great hatred in people towards other human beings, just because of their race, faith, ethnicity or nationality.

However, during times of war, the good side of humanity has also been known to shine through. In many instances of war throughout the centuries, people in many ways have been a “light in the darkness” displayed welcoming, compassion, kindness, respect and hospitality, not only during the war but also for many years after to those impacted.

In recognising and commemorating Remembrance Day, students gathered in pastoral classes or Year levels on Friday 10th of November to hold a reflective liturgy together.

Students and staff led prayers and joined in a minutes silence to acknowledge and remember all those you gave the ultimate sacrifice in given up their lives for their country, friends and families and loved ones.

We also connected with our College theme of “Shining Light” reflecting on those who have been Christ’s light to others during wars past as well as current conflicts around the world.

You sent Your Son to lead us into the peace of Your Kingdom.
Look with kindness on all who have served the cause of peace in our armed forces.
Send Your comfort and healing to their families, and to all who suffer due to war and conflict.
May Your Son’s Gospel message of peace burn ever more brightly in our hearts, our words and our actions, and lead all to the fullness of life in You.
We make this prayer to you through this same Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Michael Chesser
Director of Catholic Mission & Mercy Ethos