ACS Championship


On Monday 16th may Kim Sue Hendry and I had the pleasure of taking 10 students from the College Chess Club to Layola Catholic College to compete in an interschool Chess Competition as part of the Association of Co-Educational Schools (ACS) events program. This was a great opportunity for the students to come together and learn new moves and practise their chess skills. They were able to play against students from different schools and have each match formally recorded. Students played in seven rounds of Chess with each round lasting a total of 30 minutes. It was a fabulous day and the students really enjoyed themselves. The hospitality from Loyola College was lovely as they provided all snacks and lunch for the students.

Mary De Bono

Below are some statements from participating students about the Chess Tournament.

This was my first formal Chess Competition, and I had a lot of fun and learnt a lot. I had forgotten how to Castle (a move in chess) so it was a great reminder that I could do this when I saw an opponent do this - Poppy Conti, 11B

This was such a fun day. I met new people and discovered new chess moves. - Aliera Franzone, 11C

Our time at Loyola College couldn’t have been better. I really had a great day being challenged and inspired by players at other schools. - Nina Cutuli, 7B

The school’s we played against were great at chess and this was a little intimidating but I really it and learned a great deal about chess. - Zoe McDonald, 7B

We had great games and enjoyed making new friends. - Annie-Rose Attard, 7B

We didn’t just play chess we learnt so much more about chess and enjoyed the competition. - Ava McKirdy, 7C

I learnt a lot from others and learning new strategies in chess. - Suri Shrestha, 9A

Our school was the most improved over the day which was great. It was really fun and enjoyable and I can’t wait for the next competition. - Ellie Mathers, 9A

I learned a lot about chess strategy, and the gardens were beautiful - Abi Reirvers, 9C

I really enjoyed playing and learning new strategies. - Edelweiss Perez, 9B