ACS Tournament


On Monday 15th May, Mr Adam Valladares and I took 10 Year 7 students to St Leonard’s College in Brighton to participate in the Association Co-Education Schools (ACS) Chess Tournament. Students had been preparing for this day since Term 1. They were extremely excited when the day arrived. It was a great opportunity to play chess in a different environment and verse other schools. Students played a total of seven games on the day. They played some very talented students from other schools and were excited to learn new techniques and strategies. It was a great day. Below are some photos and reflections from some of the students who attended.

Mary De Bono

The chess tournament was a very fun experience even though only a few of us won our matches. We went to St Leonard's school where the chess tournament was being held, and the rounds that we played were very intense since they consisted of year 9, 10, 11 and 12 students. It was a great opportunity to play other schools and levels.
Alex Pham
On Monday 10 students went to saint Leonard’s to represent St Aloysius at the ACS chess competition. It was a long day but we all made it and even a couple of us came home with a win. We were delighted to represent St Aloysius. Maybe next year we can all come home with a win or two.
Joshua McGloin
The chess tournament was a lovely experience with intense rounds. As we were the youngest year level we were playing many experienced players so some of us were disappointed about not winning more games, but it was a very fun and exciting day and I learned a lot.
Lachlan Aldis
For my very first Chess Tournament, it was amazing. At the start of the Year I joined Chess Club and Miss De Bono taught me how to play Chess and I trained hard both playing other students and online. On the competition day, I was really nervous as I had never played chess to a timer before. As a novice, I was pleased with one win and one draw for the day. I love playing chess so much.
Lance Balmes