Code Green

Code Green is St Aloysius College's sustainability/environment club, and a sub-branch of the Social Justice group. Sustainability is now a global issue, therefore it is crucial that students have a chance to engage with it, and learn what they can do. Code Green is open to any student who wants to join.

But it is also meant to be fun ! This year so far, students have been working with Sister Carmel to look after the convent’s garden. Students have arranged themselves into a roster, and every week, they promptly attend their lunchtime shift and complete their gardening tasks such as watering, removing weeds, planting new seedlings, trimming bushes and mowing. The atmosphere is always nice as students from different year levels chat while getting their hands dirty ! All students have shown genuine care for the plants.

Code Green has also reminded our school to participate in world events such as Earth Hour and Plastic Free July. This term, our students will raise some awareness about National Tree Day. Through these opportunities, students get a chance to educate their peers.

Alizée Bourgault

This year, Code Green has begun running a gardening club to assist with maintaining the convent garden. The first few sessions have included pruning and planting seeds. I was motivated to join as I felt that gardening would be a nice way to relax and give back to the school community.
Elvie Wake 10A