July Report


The Debating Co-Curricular has been running since Term One, and the Senior DAV (Debaters Association Victoria) competition has now concluded for 2022.

This year the College registered three Year 9 debating teams and one Year 10 team. Two of our Year 9 teams were undefeated during the five rounds of debating competition, one Year 9 team was defeated only once, and our Year 10 team won three out of five debates.

The students should be commended for their commitment to attending meetings and writing arguments. All team members demonstrated well developed communication, research and literacy skills. Most impressive was their ability to incorporate advice from others, and finally their joy and enthusiasm for intelligent argumentation.

Congratulations to all debating competitors.

Year 9 Year 10
Aurelia Raimondo
Rory McLeod
Ella Calkoen
Molly Mealmaker
Olivia Tringali
Eve Zabarauskas
Jasmine Foo
Isabelle Valsecchi-Dormer
Olivia Mosticone
Sarah Barravecchio
Blain Adera
Carlota Ham Lopez
Alex Del Mastro
Isabella Macri-Mihai
Sofia Jorquera
Angap Chierdit
Ruby Coetzee

I also thank our debating team mentors, Freya Taylor (Year 11), Nidhi Pusram (Year 11) and Angela Foulstone (Year 12) for their support and guidance.

Anne Stamboulis