Curriculum Spotlight

English & Literacy

In a world increasingly dependent on modern technology, it is important that one recognises that educational trends do not always mean past methods are redundant. In English, the importance of reading hard-copy books and writing with a pen should be promoted. Hard copy books provide an opportunity to spend time away from a screen and promote note taking skills that will be used in the ‘real world’. Whilst pen and paper are used less and less, it is important that students understand that the VCAA examinations are still hand-written. It would be folly to only hand-write occasionally and then expect to write to one’s potential in an English examination.

Behind the equipment required for English sits the critical literacy skills that the English Learning Area aims to build.

A significant part of our efforts is the wide reading program that runs from years 7-9. Once a fortnight, students attend a reading session in the DTIC and are expected to continue reading on a regular basis. Students pick from either our own collection or they may bring a book from home. The aim of the program is to engender an enjoyment of reading and to also get into a habit of quiet, individual reading. The ability to concentrate for an extended periods of time carries significant benefits.

We hope that the reading program at St Aloysius continues to grow, and that students set goals to improve their reading. Below are some reviews of the books read by students in 7A.

Elena McC read Wonder, by R.J. Palacio

Wonder is a heartfelt, loving, and all-round beautiful story. It will change the way you think about other people and the way they think of you. Wonder is a journey from an average life to the best days anyone could ask for. It shows how important friendship is and how it can change anyone’s perspective on life. I recommend this novel for anyone who likes heart-warming and uplifting stories.

Maxwell W read Serena Williams, Queen of the Court

I think this book is amazing because the level of detailed and explanation is amazing it made you want to keep on reading, so that is why if you love sport or love to hear about people’s lives, I recommend this book.

Adam Valladares
Learning Leader: English & Literacy