Just Dance

eSports Competition

This year at St Aloysius College we have launched an eSport competition for our students to compete in both internally and against other schools. During term one students from Year 7 and 8 were invited to compete in a Just Dance competition. The initial competition was held for house points and was conducted during lunchtime at the College. Students represented their house with great enthusiasm and those that did not compete cheered on their peers.

The students who achieved the four highest scores where then selected to represent the College in The Fuse Cup. This is a competition that runs nationally and provides the students with an opportunity to learn about healthy online behaviours as well as compete against students from other schools.

The aim of our eSport program at St Aloysius College is to help students develop positive gaming behaviours early. This includes understanding that excessive gaming can have long-lasting negative impacts on many parts of their lives. The goal is to improve the online safety of our students while providing younger gamers a positive experience.

The College placed third out of ten schools which was a great result considering this was the first experience for all of those involved. Three of the students that represented the College were asked to reflect on the experience.

Myself and 3 other year 7s went to the Fuse Cup competition hosted by Wesley College to compete in a Just Dance tournament. We competed against other schools and learnt about how important cyber safety is and the importance of taking breaks in between online gaming. Overall, St Aloysius came 3rd and we all had a great time!
Jacqui   |   7A
It was such a fun experience, and everyone was so supportive and encouraging even if they weren’t from our school. We learnt about online safety, and we placed 3rd overall which is a huge achievement!
Jocelyn   |   7C
On the 17th March St Aloysius went to the fuse just dance competition. There was Jacqui, Heidi, Jocelyn and Amelie competing for St Aloysius and our coach was Mr Del Mastro. It was so fun and we all learnt a lot about cyber safety and how to keep a healthy mindset while online. Thanks to Wesley for hosting.
Amelie   |   7B

Term 2 will see the College hold an internal Mario Kart Competition for all students while at the same time reinforcing the messages of healthy and safe online behaviours. The fastest racers from Year 7 and 8 will go on to represent the College at the next round of the Fuse Cup.