From the Director of Catholic Mission & Mercy Ethos

Faith and Mission

Sacramental Program & Hannah's Baptism

As a Catholic school, throughout all Year levels, students learn about the Catholic Faith and its traditions, customs and rituals, and how they relate to themselves as well as within our pluralist society.

Being a member of the Catholic Church community is through receiving the Catholic Church Sacraments of Incitation: Baptism, Confirmation and the Eucharist. Generally within the Parish, candidates receive these sacraments during primary school (Eucharist and Confirmation) and as a toddler (Baptism), which is perhaps something passed down within our family practises, that are born into rather than chosen, however, many adults each year decide to become Catholic, following in the teachings of Christ.

Over the past few years, several members of our College Community have decided to become Catholic or have wanted to complete their sacraments. And so through our sacramental program that we offer at St Aloysius College, it allows students and staff who have decided to become Catholic and be a participant of the Catholic Church, the opportunity to learn more deeply about the sacraments of initiation as well as receive these sacraments.

On Sunday the 30th of April 2023, Hannah Kennedy of 10B received the sacrament of Baptism as a member of the St Aloysius College’s Sacramental program. Supported by family and friends, Hannah was welcomed as a member of the Catholic community, with even the weather being of support bringing beautiful sunrays. The special and significant occasion took place at St Brendan’s Parish Church Kensington and was minister by Fr Thang Vu. We congratulate Hannah on her achievement as she makes her steps along her spiritual journey.

It was a beautiful day in Melbourne with the bright sun out and the birds chirping, it was the most perfect day to be baptised. I walk into the church with nerves all over I sat down as the liturgy began, I was called up to be given the sign of the cross by my family, Mr Chesser, and Sister Carmel. I sat at the chair with my legs shaking as the nerves got to me, I then had these big brown eyes look up at me as a baby named Sophia laid her gaze on me the nerves immediately left me, and I knew I was ready. As I had the water poured over my head, I sat down to receive the final cross from Father Thang Vu, and it was done my faithful journey had finally begun. I would like to thank all that attended on my special day and anyone who has supported me on the way and in the future of my faith journey.

Hannah Kennedy, Year 10

Michael Chesser
Director of Catholic Mission & Mercy Ethos