Communication is Key

From the Acting Principal

Communication is Key

After acknowledging and celebrating Mother’s Day as a community, we remember the attributes of mothers and how they communicate with their children. The communication style modelled by mothers, is to listen with love and speak with love. Dr Marguerite Evans-Galea AM, co-founder of Women in STEMM Australia and Executive Director of the Industry Mentoring Network in STEM was guest speaker at our Mother’s Day Breakfast. Dr Evans-Galea emphasized how open, consistent communication with our children encourages them to broaden their scope of skills, grow in confidence and accept the changing world. May 21 is World Communication Day, and the Vatican announced the theme for 2023, ‘Speaking truthfully from the Heart”. We take this theme as the focus for the way we support our students as they journey spiritually, socially, and academically in our care. We remind students to care for each other, the environment and themselves and be open and welcoming in their communications.

Year 8 Reflection Day held recently, focussed on friendships, their importance, and the fact friendships change as we grow. Learning to be responsible for the way we communicate with each other, especially with social media, can create a world filled with respect and charity. Students reflected on the ever-present friendship with God that they each have.

Year 10 students are entering an important stage of decision-making, the subject selection process began with presentations from Learning Leaders followed with an information evening for students, parents, and carers. To have an open mind and heart is required to ascertain one’s strength and passion and allows for informed decision-making when choosing the subjects students will commit to over the next two years. Speaking truthfully with teachers, mentors and reflecting with honesty will provide the confidence and information students require.

Year 10s may feel nervous that their academic courses are not strictly laid out before them for next year. As Dr Evans-Galea explained adapting to a changing world means we should not be afraid of failing but embrace changing. With the Ascension of Jesus on May 18, we are reminded not to rely on the scaffolded support of Jesus on Earth but instead gain strength from him being alive in us forever, inviting us to lift ourselves upward.

Prayer for World Communications Day

May the Lord Jesus, the pure Word poured out from the heart of the Father, help us to make our communication clear, open, and heartfelt.
May the Lord Jesus, the Word made flesh, help us listen to the beating of hearts, to rediscover ourselves as brothers and sisters, and to disarm the hostility that divides.
May the Lord Jesus, the Word of truth and love, help us speak the truth in charity, so that we may feel like protectors of one another.
(Source: 2023 World Communications Day message.)

Ad Altiora

Rachel Valentine
Acting Principal