Siobhan Bloomfield

From the Assistant Principal

The corridors are alive with the unmistakable sounds of footsteps, lockers clanging shut, and the joyous and exciting chatter of friends reuniting and new friendships forming. It was such a joy welcoming our new Year 7 students and our returning students to the campus this week.

In my new role as Assistant Principal – Student Engagement & Wellbeing, I look forward to continuing to support the holistic development of our students. This encompasses not only their academic success but also their emotional wellbeing, social growth, and overall happiness. Continuing to foster a positive school culture, promoting mental health awareness, and implementing initiatives that enhance student engagement and wellbeing to ensure that every member of our school community experiences a positive and nurturing environment.

For our students, the new school year brings forth a myriad of opportunities for intellectual and personal growth. It is an invitation to embrace every opportunity that is available to our students, as their time in school is a unique and invaluable chapter of their life, presenting countless chances for growth, learning, and building a foundation for their future success. For 2024, our students are encouraged to explore co-curricular activities, engage in leadership opportunities, foster a growth mindset, seek guidance, and connect with their success advisors or mentors.

I wish all of our students every success in 2024.

Siobhan Bloomfield
Assistant Principal, Student Engagement & Wellbeing