Jonathan Stringfellow

From the Business Manager

The College has been busy preparing for 2024 and as such the 2024 Preparedness works, which were completed prior to the start of Term 1, include:

  • Refurbishment of the Thomas Carr Building to create a welcoming presentation space and to celebrate the College heritage
  • Re-designing of an existing Arts classroom as a new textiles space to compliment delivery of the 2024 curriculum
  • Re-design and refurbishment of one General Learning Purpose Areas (“GLPA”) to create two fully functioning GLPAs to ensure that we have flexibility on site to accommodate for student numbers in 2024

New Textiles Classroom

Refurbished Thomas Carr Centre


The Roadmap to 2028 and beyond, outlined in the College Facilities Masterplan, is progressing smoothly. The College, along with its community, stakeholders, and project consultants, has undertaken significant efforts to advance the vision for 2026. We extend our gratitude to all involved in ensuring we stay on course to transition to a new VCE Campus at the beginning of Term 1, 2026.

Currently, Stage 1 of the Masterplan involves the development of the VCE campus on the site of our Gym. This stage is currently under review by the Department of Transport and Planning, with approval expected. Once approved, construction is slated to commence in late Semester 1, 2024. This strategic move will facilitate the College's ability to handle enrolment growth seamlessly. Specifically, Year 11 and 12 students will have a new permanent home from 2026 onwards, enabling construction on the Curran St campus post-2027 without disrupting services or student learning experiences.

Below is a video flythrough as well as some impressions and layouts of the VCE Campus.