2022 Vision

From the College Co-Captains

Our vision for 2022 is to build community and connection within the school community and our extended community. As College Co-Captains, we aim to continue to build upon the foundation of our loving and welcoming community to promote school spirit. Community is such an important value the both of us share and want to foster an even greater one than we already have, which we can see is already happening this year with the House Prefects organising plenty of House events. The participating students have demonstrated excellent school spirit. Most of all, we want to create passion in the school community. We want our peers and fellow students to be passionate about making a change and be people who change the world. As College Co-Captains, we want to start making this change by interacting with the external community, and on behalf of the students of St Aloysius College, represent the college's deeply ingrained values of service, justice, and compassion by helping our external community and doing our part to make a change through our leadership positions.

Alyssa Americo & Savannah Clark, 2022 College Co-Captains