Abbey Luke & April Tammilehto

From the College Co-Captains

As the 2024 College Co-Captains, we welcome back the St Aloysius school community with both great anticipation and excitement for 2024. We hope that everyone has had a restful and enjoyable holiday, filled with time spent with family and friends.

As we welcome many new faces into the school community and continue to grow, welcoming another cohort of co-education, we can confidently say that this year will be filled with learning, growth, development, and many memories made. It will be a time to continue developing the friendships made while also growing and forming new connections with those surrounding us!

We look forward to seeing individuals participate with great enthusiasm and enjoyment in key events within our school calendar. These include St Aloysius Day, Mercy Day, House Athletics, Swimming Carnivals, the College Musical Production (stay tuned for more on that!!), and many more. We welcome these opportunities to gather as a school community and look with great excitement at potential new events planned throughout the year.

Although we may face challenges throughout the year, it is essential that we continue to be resilient and turn to the support of peers, staff, and those around us for encouragement and motivation. It is through these challenges that the opportunities to work on goals, develop as individuals, and learn are most evident.

For the co-educational 2024 cohort starting their first year of high school, this time may present itself with both excitement and nervousness. However, the Year 7s can rest assured that the entire school community is working together to provide the best possible environment to help aid their learning journey and ensure they have the best time at the College. For the graduating class of 2024, the Year 12s, it can be said that this time is both exciting and bittersweet for us, as we come to the end of our journey at the College and prepare for our final year of schooling. We know, however, that we have the support of everyone around us, and we hope to make the best memories and learn the most out of our final year at the College.

As we welcoming the new 2024 Prefect team, we look forward to presenting our initiatives to the school community. These initiatives aim to continue fostering a collaborative and supportive environment where everyone can become involved. We are excited to embrace the growing community this year and work together to connect all individuals. Facing challenges and celebrating victories together will support as as we continue to develop both as individuals and as a community throughout the year.

Abbey Luke and April Tammilehto
College Co-Captains, 2024