From the Deputy Principal

This week began with the Assumption of Mary. I remember as a child learning of this feast day for the first time, thinking how wonderful it would be to go straight to heaven without concern or fear of decaying body parts or the sadness death brings to our loved ones. Now, without the lens of a child, I see the lessons Mary teaches us through her devotion to Jesus; how, by her example, we should devote ourselves in all our actions to care and love all in our community. We may not be worthy to ascend into heaven as Mary did, but we show discipline and devotion when we raise our standards, extend our generosity, involve all in our community and make positive change through conducting ourselves with respect and gratitude.

As we adhere to our College motto, “strive for higher things”, we thank our mother Mary for influencing us to be our best selves for the benefit of others.

TLC Program

This week we concluded our TLC Program which successfully returned to being conducted on campus rather than online. Parents, carers and students found the morning teas and activities positive and allowed our 2023 Year 7 students to make connections, plant the seeds for many friendships and feel the beginnings of claiming their space at our College.

These small groups gathered over the past three weeks and were designed through residential proximity rather than the feeder primary schools they attended. Despite some initial nerves all students and their parents/carers left the College with smiles and felt positive about reconnecting again for Orientation Day with the full cohort.

Science and Sustainability Week

Science and Sustainability Week is underway with a broad variety of lunchtime activities from experimenting with glass and crystals to watching Science, Sustainability and Engineering documentaries. The participation has been positive and inclusive.

ACS Public Speaking

We are also proud of our Public Speaking students who have been representing St Aloysius for the first time in the ACS Public Speaking competition. Year 8 student, Fadzai Bako not only came third place in the ACS competition but also 2nd place in the state for The Parliament Prize Speech competition held recently, presenting the topic “Lowering the Criminal Age”.

Our Principal Mary Farah returns from some well-deserved leave during next week. We all look forward to welcoming her back.

Ad Altiora

Rachel Valentine, Acting Principal